Since 1968, Gurjar Hindu Union has made tremendous progress in providing a solid foundation for the future of the Hindu community in Crawley and South-East England. The SMCC project has been a mammoth task for the current committee and has faced many challenges and achievements. With the Apple Tree Centre complete, focus now remains on the Temple architecture and aesthetics, which are planned for completion in Spring 2009.

Brief History of GHU

1968: GHU formed by 1st generation Indians from East Africa and the Indian Subcontinent.

1989: GHU’s First Constitution approved.

1992: GHU hosted ‘Ram Katha’ by Pujya Morari Bapu. Over 5,000 people attended every day for 9 days.

1998: GHU purchased a disused warehouse on Spencer Road and converted it into a temporary community centre.

2001: Planning permission granted by Crawley Borough Council.

2002: GHU acquired Apple Tree Farm site, a 3 acre site close to Crawley Town centre.

2003: ‘Bhumi Pujan’ performed at Apple Tree Farm.

2004: ‘Shilanyas’ (ground-breaking) ceremony performed at Apple Tree Farm.

2007: GHU hosted ‘Ram Katha’ by Bhaishri Rameshbhai Oza.

2007: Start of SMCC construction.

Autumn 2009: Completion of Dhamecha Suite, Apple Tree Centre.

Autumn 2009: GHU host ‘Shrimad Bhagavat Gyan Yagna’ by Bhaishri Rameshbhai Oza

Spring 2010: Expected completion of Temple.

Dhamecha Suite, Apple Tree Centre

Since Autumn 2007, the construction work of the Apple Tree Centre (SMCC) has been in full swing. Although much work remains for the completion of the whole project, GHU is pleased that community events and functions can now take place in the new Dhamecha Suite.

Funding the Project

The capital project has a cost of £4 million and the construction work is due for completion in Spring 2010. GHU has raised considerable funds from personal donations and the sale of its present site.

The dedicated team of volunteers have both the experience and energy to complete this dream. GHU, however, still needs partners and supporters. It is securing this through the good will and generosity of the local community served.

During Janmashtmi 2006, GHU launched a special fund raising initiative seeking the support of the public and business community. The aim was to raise £800,000 for the purchase of the Apple Tree Farm land. GHU invited 2,000 people to dedicate £400 each. Already over half of the funds have been raised in the scheme.