Gurjar Hindu Union – Indian Charity in the UK
Date organisation established : 1 September 1968

The Gurjar Hindu Union (GHU) is a 50 years old established minority ethnic led charitable organisation serving Crawley, a town based in the South East of England, near Gatwick Airport.

GHU is a volunteer-led charity which has established itself as a well-run, sustainable organisation serving not only 5,000 Indian population but wider public and institutions of Crawley.

Through prudent financial management and funds raised from the community, GHU constructed a very modern, ornate and purpose-built facility with a Temple and a large Community Centre with a capacity 1,000 capacity people. The Centre has 250 parking spaces on a 2.9 acres ground known as Apple Tree Centre. The cost to build the Centre was £3.6 million. The funding was made by the local and wider Hindu Community. Of the original £3.6 million loan from the Bank through good financial planning, a fundraising plan and a lot of hard by the Committee and volunteers, currently, we owe the Bank £900,000. Please visit for more information about GHU.

GHU offers a range of activities including music, dance, yoga, badminton, football, volleyball, day care center, drop-in center, Zumba dancing, wellbeing class and celebration of 30 Hindu festivals per year.

Since 1968 GHU has made tremendous progress in providing a solid foundation for the future of the Hindus and the wider community in Crawley and South-East England. The Apple Tree Centre project was a mammoth task and a great achievement by volunteer-led organisation. With its successful completion and operation of our Centre over the past seven years, the focus continues to develop further to make Apple Tree a Centre of Excellence for Indian Music, Art, Culture, Education, and Heritage. GHU is recognised in the town and it is helped and supported by the MP, High Sheriff of West Sussex, Crawley Borough Council and West Sussex County Council.

The objects of our organisation are :
The advancement of the Hindu Culture in Crawley and surrounding area with the key moto to drive Education, Culture, and Integration. We work hard to reach out to the wider population of Crawley.

We aim to advance education and to provide facilities in the interest of social welfare for recreation and leisure time occupation with the objective of improving conditions of life for persons in Crawley and the surrounding area, in particular, but not exclusively persons of the Hindu faith and their families.

We aim to promote culture, integration, and diversity by working towards the elimination of racial discrimination and to promote equality of opportunity and good relations between persons of different racial groups for people in Crawley and the surrounding area, in particular, but not exclusively persons of the Hindu faith and their families.

We aim to serve the elderly and women in need, in particular, but not exclusively elderly people and women living in Crawley and the surrounding area by the provision of a day care center
We have thus established Apple Tree Centre as a focal point to maintain and manage activities and programmes to achieve the key aims to promote and advance Culture, Education, and Integration.