Apple Tree Centre Carers Service

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We are launching a Carers Support Service in early Spring to serve Carers who are looking after elderly and frail members of their family.

We will be meeting on the first Friday of each month at the Apple Tree Centre from 11am to 12.30pm and we are looking to potentially hold our first Carers Meeting on Friday 6th March 2015.

At the Carers Meetings we will invite speakers from various Service Providers to attend. The speaker will be able to give information and leaflets about the service they are offering.

During the Carers Meeting there will be a break for tea and biscuits. If Carers would like to talk with the speaker from the Service Provider in private there will be an opportunity for this.

One of our objectives is to help and guide Carers to Service Providers who can help them in a time of their needs.

Please complete the attached application form and send by email to [email protected] or  [email protected] at your earliest convenience.

Kind regards

Koki Patel Project Coordinator


Here is just one example of Carers helping their elders in silence in spite of there being Service Providers who may be able to offer support and information.

I have just been talking to members of one family who are caring for their 92-year-old Mum without asking for any support. Their Mum is now at a stage where she is no longer able to care for herself and relies on her family to provide care for her.

Members of the family are exhausted and struggling to cope during the day and night. They are not sure who to ask for support.

They believe they are doing the right thing and do not want to let their Mum down.