GHU Board changes.

JSK members welcome to the summer edition of the GHU magazine.

We are now in the third year of operation in our new and purpose built Sanatan Mandir and Community centre (SMCC). With your kind support and gods will, SMCC is thriving. We have an ever growing number of people using the Mandir and the community facilities. The number of GHU and private activities held in the SMCC has seen a further growth this year. We continue to run the many community activities and were delighted when the Divas Dance Club joined the GHU and added to the variety. We are also delighted to inform that a new, and very energetic, Youth group has started up in the GHU. Please see within this magazine and our website for more information.

GHU Leadership changes.

The 2013 AGM took place in June this year. The GHU Governors presented a review of achievements, activities and the 2011/12 accounts to members. As per the GHU constitution, three Governors stepped down. We have to report that; very sadly, all three Governors chose not to stand for re-election. Ashwinbhai Soni and Rakeshbhai Amin informed that they, understandably, wished to take a break from the formal responsibilities of Governorship. They will however continue with GHU as informal consultants, providing project related support as required. Hasmukhbhai Mulji has reverted to a Co-opt Governor role.   

Priorities and working structure.

With a large debt and a reducing income conundrum, focus and priority is again placed in three major areas which can generate large revenues; the Mandir, Apple Tree Community Centre and Kitchen. The leadership of these three areas have the greatest responsibilities and therefore will have the greatest say and budget allocation.

New committee structure.

A new leadership and committee structure was agreed at the first committee meeting post AGM. Basically, the new structure releases the Governors and committee members to have holistic responsibilities and greater autonomy in areas where clear GHU objectives have been formally agreed. Also, in the spirit of empowering individuals within the committee to be more creative and taking on greater, non legal, responsibilities; “Co-Op Governor” positions have been created. Below is a table of the new committee structure.

Full Governors’ responsibilities Co-opt Governors’ responsibilities
Bharatbhai Lukka:

ATC/SMCC Grounds/Divas Dance Club

Marketing – Social Media

Pareshbahi Patel/Chandrakantbhai Chandarana/Babubhai Chandarana:

Kitchen & Catering responsibilities.

Umeshbhai Nayee: Legal & Finance Pravin Mistry: Vadil Kendra/Yoga
Kokilaben Patel: Gujarati School – Education Nainaben Nayee: First Aid
Dilipbhai Limbachia: Social & Youth Rohitbhai Patel: Fund collection
Chandubhai Nayee: Religious & Mandir Hasmukhbhai Mulji: School & Coach Trips
  Devenbhai Patel: Social events


We are also delighted to welcome three new committee members: Rameshbhai Shanker, Balbhai Shukla and Batukbhai Mehta.

General Volunteering.

The GHU is a volunteer led organisation. We are fortunate to have so many volunteers who step up and support activities when needed. However, there is always a need for new volunteers. We strongly request our members to help in whatever way they can to keep the organisation thriving.