Sampoorn Seva

Have you ever thought of donating a gift to the Mandir?

Then why don’t you think about offering the gift of “Sampoorn Seva” to a loved one or in their memory. Sampporn Seva allows you to donate a gesture of £501 for any day of your choice (please check with GHU) towards the poojan and Bhog samagri for all of the deities that reside at the Crawley Sanatan Mandir.
You will be offered to take a sankalp in the afternoon, which will ensure all the offerings made on that day will be under your name. In addition, you will be invited to take home the Maha Prasad following the Rajbhog Aarti at 12.00 midday.
This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and will allow you to make an offering over the years on the special day of your choice (birthday, anniversary, tithi) for years to come…

Please contact the Mandir for further information: 01293 530105
Sampurna Seva (Lifetime Pooja On that Day Every Year)
£501 for lifetime

In Memory of a loved one, birthday, Marriage anniversary Or any other special Occasion.
Remember pay only once and the pooja for the whole day is yours for life…!!!!!!

Contact Chandubhai on 01293-519130 or email