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The English word for ‘religion’ has a very narrow meaning. The Hindu word for religion is ‘Dharma’. The word, Dharma is derived from ‘Dhru’ which is a root word in Sanskrit meaning to sustain or preserve. Therefore, Dharma means the values which sustains the whole universe.

We live in the age of Kaliyuga. This era (age) is dominated by evil influences. Human intelligence is curtailed by the ignorance and everybody is driven by materialism. Shreemad Bhagvat (The Hindu Scripture) states that the foundation pillars of ‘Dharma’ ( religion) are:- truth, compassion, charity/alms (daan) and moral values.

In Kaliyuga the Dharma prevails only on one pillar and that the foundation pillar is Charity. As it is well described in Manu Smruti (A Hindu Scripture complied by Lord named Manu) that in the era of ignorance, illusion and evil influences (Kaliyuga) ,human beings are ordained to perform the acts of giving. Every one is
obliged to donate for charity. This is the only way you practice your Dharma.

The famous Saint Tulsidas has said that in Kaliyuga the Dharma means to contribute time, money and effort for all good causes. One should give paramount importance to a charity work. Furthermore Tulsidas says that by performing this noble, selfless act of generosity, it leads an individual on to the divine path of a self realisation. According to Tulsidas the way to God is to serve him, work for him help the others without thinking of reward or personal gains.

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Lord Krishna has guided Arjuna in chapter 17 of Bhagvat Gita saying that one who does the charity work with the sense of obligation/moral duty and with the utmost pure intention then his action becomes a divine service. Such charity activities purify the individual soul. Therefore give for the sake of giving as it is your moral duty to give and don’t think while you give.

Vyasji the famous Rushi (seer) has said in the Bhagvat; One should commit one self where ever you get an opportunity to support the charity work. This is because we are ordained by our scriptures to donate generously for all good causes. Examples being like building a temple, or to dig a well or erect drinking water facilities like a reservoir. Each individual should put aside one tenth of his/her annual earning and this amount should be donated unto the feet of the Lord. It is also said that if an individual gives his/her first income in religious charity then his/her wealth is purified by this sacrifice. So please donate to GHU generously to visualise our cherished dream of a GRAND SANATAN HINDU MANDIR IN CRAWLEY.