School Visits

We run an excellent School Visit program. Children from as far away as south London to Briton come to see our Mandir. They learn about our religion, culture and beliefs during the visit. Last year we had around 1000 children who visited our Centre. This year has been busy again and we have already had several school visits with between 50 and 100 children at a time.

Plan and advice for a visit from a School and other institutions:

1) Confirm if you wish to visit in advance to carry out risk assessment.

2) Please arrive at 10.00 a.m. on the day (please confirm time if different)

3) Confirm number of children, teachers and parents. All are very welcome (please confirm final numbers). Please clear any payments before you leave us.

4) All visitors should have had a shower or bath.

5) All visitors must remove shoes in allocated area.

6) Children must be briefed in advance to behave well, observe silence and that they will need to sit on the floor.

7) Remove shoes, rinse hands and enter the Temple.

8) There will be a 30 minute interactive talk on Indian culture and religion – covering GHU background, religion, way of life, dressing, language, beliefs and principles etc 9)  There will be an opportunity to walk past the deities (statues of India gods) 10) Regroup, questions and answers

11) Refreshment – biscuits, crisps, fruit juice, please ensure children with allergy are monitored by the teachers.

12) Depart at 12.00 noon or before if necessary (please confirm)

13) Please provide a mobile telephone number that we may use to contact you in case of any problems on the day

14)If children do need to bring their own food to our Centre then please note we do not allow meat products (no fish and eggs too) on our premises. Consuming alcohol and smoking are also not permitted on site.

We shall charge £2.50 per child, adults £3 for the visit to our Centre.

If you have any questions then do not hesitate to contact me. Please let me have your or a someone’s mobile telephone number so we may communicate on the day if required.

Best regards

For further information contact:
Kokilaben Patel – 07950245715 or Email :
Mr Hasmukhbhai Mulji on 07761972651 or Email: