Burglaries in Crawley

GHU Members

I am still mindful of the huge impact of the burglary series which affected Crawley earlier this year and of the anxiety caused by these offences. As you know, significant resources went into the investigation and into proactive measures to disrupt and deter potential offenders and this resulted in that crime series ceasing some months ago.

We have now become aware of a new emerging series of burglary offences. Numbers are small at present but work is nonetheless going into dealing robustly with what seems to be a local issue. The previous series (investigated by us as Operation Minnesota) had a very clear profile – Asian households were targetted during the daytime and whilst unoccupied, probably following quite sohpisticated intelligence gathering by the offenders who were operating across the whole region. They then conducted an efficient search before stealing large sums of jewellery and cash. The current series is quite different: it involves offences committed in the evenings to houses belonging to victims from a range of ethnic backgrounds. The searches are untidy and the value of thefts are smaller, indicating opportunism rather than planning.

I am aware that a minority of the households involved (only 2 or 3) are Asian. My concern is that news of these offences will be passed around communities and that a fear will arise that the Minnesota series has recommenced. Please be assured that our current analysis is that it has not. There is no evidence of targetting of Asian households by these offenders. People should remember the usual precautions to deter potential burglars but can be reassured that this new series comprises a small number of offences which do not target Asain households or gold and that the police are working to disrupt these offenders.

I would ask you all to please share this information with your communities

Kind regards, Jim

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