Burglary Update – Translated version

Dear All,

We have received some expressions of concern from people in the community that we are not doing enough to keep people informed about our response to the recent series of burglaries involving Asian households. This is disappointing as we have endeavoured to keep engaged and have also utilised the local media to the best of our ability. Nonetheless, there is always more to be done and, with this in mind, I thought it might be helpful to produce a written bulletin from the Chief Inspector in some frequently spoken languages so that those with less confident English can have direct access to our advice.

The attached are translations in Gujarati and Punjabi provided by Language Line which we have always found to be very good and I hope that it is useful and accurate. Please feel free to distribute these electronically as you see fit. I will arrange for paper copies to be delivered very soon.
Kind regards,

Access the PDF Here

Jim Collen
Police Sergeant
Neighbourhood Policing Team, Crawley Police Station
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